Boho, rock chick, Scandi granny

Please consider that this post was originally posted by midcenturyjo on – and so – ’cause I really like the title, text and every single photo in this post, I put it in original way:

“It’s a bit like Coachella meets William Morris or Swedish exposed brick meets Bob Dylan. I’m going to call it boho, rock chick, Scandi granny. Think David Hamilton photographs come to life with an iPhone and a flat screen TV. A warmer and, may I say, more welcoming progression from the washed out, monochrome, Scandi had a holiday in Bali look we’ve been seeing for a couple of years now. Hats off to the home owner and the stylist of this real estate listing. Yes I have a new Swedish estate agent crush … Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri. Unfortunately this townhouse has sold but there are plenty more lovelies on the website.”

by midcenturyjo



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